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Drawing competition for kids „Gauja in 20 years”

March 22nd is marked as the World Water day and we can assure that this year it has a big meaning in our local city Valmiera too. At the beginning of March NorthLatvia Leos announced a competition for children in Valmiera with the theme “Gauja in 20 years”, in which kids from infancy `till 13 years old could express their future vision, using their own chosen artistic materials. Gauja is river which flows through our city Valmiera and means a lot to local people. When the World Water day came, all of the received works of art were placed in shopping centre “Valleta”. 

The idea of organizing this competition came from the World Youth Water parliaments member in Latvia just at the same time with our Leo member Signe Petersonw:” The idea of ​​the competition is to draw attention of the people around us to notice our very important part of life - water. In everyday life we don`t hold on the though of how time influences the changes for one of the symbols of Valmiera - Gauja, its coasts and the environment, this is why we decided to appeal to those who tend to see the world a little different than adults, allowing children to express their ideas on how Gauja might look like after a 20 years."

Time for organizing the competition was limited, but everything we needed to conduct was likely to be provided. In Valmiera competition related activities were coordinated by one of the youngest Leo members Kristiana Murisa: "That was fast – concept, sketch, but when we came to the process we realised, that actually we needed extra strength and extra time. Although we didn`t have these extras, the desire to finish what we have started was so great that barriers disappeared instantly.” Kristiana adds "we did it with our Leo team, and other supporters. It's a team effort, for which I am proud. The response from Valmiera schoolars is highly valued because it is nice to know that we have a far-sighted and thinking generation. We, all the people from Valmiera, have a common river and place – Gauja we should take care of!"

Overall, the Leos received more than hundred works by authors who were from schools as well as kindergartens and even Baby schools. To judge the works we received help from company "Valmiera water" development specialist Ramona Višņevska, the union " White Life" representative Ralfs Piziks, as well as an artist Dace Brizauska .

The contest ended with the best authors, homage on March 22nd at 12 o`clock in shopping centre “Valletta”, where now the best works can be found by anyone! Gifts received the best authors, but credit was also given for dedication, ingenuity, and activity.

Leo North Latvia Club is very thankful to local companies, which made ​​it possible to give presents to the authors of the best works. Children received a chance to ice-skate, play minigolf, watch basketball games for free, they also received special gifts from companies. Priceless is the shopping centre's "Valletta" public relations manager Montas Rubenes responsiveness by allowing to make children's drawings "Gauja after 20 years" exhibition, which will be viewed by any "Valletta" visitor , including the contestants with their parents.

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