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Estonian LEO Annual Sports Day "Sochi 2014"

Sports games were held in Tartu, Hugo Treffners High Schools gym, but thematically everything was created in the “Sochi 2014″ theme.

“Although sports games were played indoors, we had a wonderful chance to play hockey, curling, build a bobsleigh track, and two of our representatives took part in figure skating. Representatives of Estonia gave their very best and using the imagination invented ways how to create an atmosphere like in the Olympic event. Our team enjoyed these games, it gave us great joy and we enthusiastically filled each task, perhaps that`s why we got the first place! “commented one of Leo North Latvia club members Ance Spigere

Her experience shares Alexandra Kovaleva: “As the only representatives from Latvia we didn`t worry and won the 1st place! Fantastic feeling, wonderful team, effort and great atmosphere. The winners of these games are the next organizers for the next sports games, we can’t wait to welcome our Estonian friends in Valmiera.”“I believe that we have represented our Leo club and Latvia from our best side to Estonians. In my opinion, the fact that we came as the largest team, although we were living abroad, made our neighbors realize that we respect them and that we appreciate their traditions! I am very proud that our Leos were so happy and organized during these Olympics. One member of Estonian Leo club said that they are waiting for this Sports day to happen in Latvia, because he is quite sure, that we will do this in a completely different way than they have used to. This comment really forces us to do our best in organizing this event,”says club president Elizabeth Pumpure.

Now North Latvia Leo`s have to engrave their name on the winning cup, but also a great prize is the new Estonian friends and the unity in our team which formed while participating in the games.

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