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Sport event for children and youths with special necessities "We can"

From 13.-14. September in the J.Daliņa stadium were organized sport event for children and youths with special necessities "We can". Also Leo Northlatvia club participated in this enterprise. Sport event have been organized already for seven years, and they take place in a close collaboration with the accomplices of Norwegians. Also the model of games is adopted from Norway: the games are organized that all participate and all get gold medals and diplomas. Saturday in the evening in Valmiera Culture centre were organized ball a special ball for participants. It is one from the most desirable enterprises in this days. There were a few disciplines, first task, was a game BOCCIA, that is played already for a few years. After that, were organized run at discipline 60 m for girls and boys, then long jump (boys, girls), and also 400 m at run. After dinners sport event continued with blows on a gate, throwing bags of sands in the target and also relay race with tasks. In the second day sport event began with the BOCCIA finale, with relay races, as also basket-ball and 800 m at run. In the end of the day, as after good sport event, the solemn rewarding and parade took place too. Leo Northlatvia club in these days helped as judges and assist to prepare to the games and mostly supporting with decent words, because as is generally known - the moral support in the sport is very neccesary. We hope, that next year, we could help sport event organizers with some new ideas for the event!

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